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History Of Doniphan County Museum

While watching a television program about genealogy in February, 2011 a wife asked her husband if he had ever tried to trace his family tree. He hadn't, and while the program was still on he created an account with a genealogy web site to see what he could find.

Within a few days, as he was researching his wife's family tree back to Doniphan County in Kansas, he was contacted by a man half way across the country who had been researching his Doniphan County, Kansas family history for years, and making annual trips with his brother to stay connected and honor their Doniphan County heritage.

The two men shared information and photographs, and then one of them discovered a box of old photographs that had been passed down over the past century. The photos brought to life many names and faces from times and places in Doniphan County that needed to be remembered and rediscovered.

On September 27, 2011 Doniphan County Museum was created as a volunteer non-profit project to share and engage the many others with bits and pieces of the Doniphan County, Kansas story to bring it to life, for all to enjoy and honor.

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